Hello manfred wang!

Thank you for your great questions and sorry for my late reply.

1) I decided to show the general formula for CLTV to make a reader aware about the concept. However, due to data limitations, I decided to focus on the sales only, which I think should be directly related to CLTV. More a user spends - higher CLTV he/she has.

2) Regarding new customers, I think it's quite tricky to predict their CLTV becuase we do not know about their purchasing behavior. Therefore, I would exclude them from the anaysis and wait until we get enough data.

Hope I could answer your questions.

If you have any ides on the questions you asked, please share with me. I'd be happy to learn from you 😊

Also, I'd be happy to get connected with you on LinkedIn and keep in touch. My LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/aigerimshopenova/

Kind regards,




Data Scientist @ Rakuten | 💜 Data Science and Psychology | https://www.linkedin.com/in/aigerimshopenova/

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