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  • Darya Petrashka

    Darya Petrashka

    Data Scientist | ML-engineer @ Itransition. Writing about data career and the beauty of data. Sharing useful tips and technical tutorials.

  • Marc Deveaux

    Marc Deveaux

    data science enthusiast

  • Aleksa Gordić

    Aleksa Gordić

    DeepMinder, the AI Epiphany guy, ex-Microsoft. YT: https://www.youtube.com/c/TheAiEpiphany GitHub: https://github.com/gordicaleksa

  • Ulan


    marketing and coffee, MBA

  • Pham An Khang

    Pham An Khang

    Author of Machine Learning System Design course on educative.io, interviewquery.com and ML interview on github. Top 1000 Medium writers.

  • George Seif

    George Seif

  • Thiago Carvalho

    Thiago Carvalho

    Data Visualization and Analytics

  • Johannes Petrat

    Johannes Petrat

    Currently working as an Applied Scientist in the space of simulation and AI; based in London

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